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Our Websites

Here is a list of our own websites with a brief description of each to tempt you into visiting the sites for yourself. They include several premium specialist sites, as well as shopping sites, and a personal blog site:

SANS10400 is the Site That Tells You All About South African Building Regulations

Our Websites

SANS 10400 is a comprehensive set of national standards drawn up by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), explaining how people can ensure that South Africa’s National Building Regulations are followed correctly.

The National Building Regulations (NBR) were originally produced as a set of functional guidelines for anybody building any type of structure. They were not intended to be prescriptive in terms of what people should build, but they do stipulate important “dos” and “don’ts” – many of which are mandatory. They are also based on good, solid building practice, and are in fact incredibly useful. So if you are planning to build, this is a website you should familiarise yourself with.

Every week we get hundreds of queries from people wanting clarification about the NBRs and SANS 10400. We do our best to help – without any form of fees. So join our community.

Visit sans10400.co.za

The Argus Report is a New Digital Newspaper That is Down-to-Earth and Often Controversial 

Our WebsitesThe Argus Report, launched late 2014, tells it like it is.

The direction it ultimately takes will be determined by opportunity, contributor involvement, and demand from readers. It’s going to grow, and we hope very fast.

Named after the hundred-eyed mythological Greek giant, Argus Panoptes (also called Argos), The Argus Report will soon take on its own mythological form.

Visit theargusreport.com

Pools Professor is Set to Become a Leading International Authority on Swimming Pools and Spas

Our WebsitesSwimming pools and spas are in our blood. We have commissioned (to be built from scratch) and owned (already built) several of our own, and have been closely connected with the swimming pool and spa industry for decades. Better still, the swimming pools we have owned and built include different types: gunite, hand-picked concrete, and fiberglass. This equals some quite unique experience.

Way back when (in 1992) we produced a coffee table book about swimming pools and spas that was a best seller and is now out of print. Following its success, we produced a bi-annual magazine for the South African National Pool and Spa Institute (NSPI) for about five years, that was distributed together with leading local gardening magazines.

As a result of this ongoing interest, the subject of swimming pools is something we have a vast store of knowledge of – both in textual and in photographic form. For this reason, Pools Professor is intended to both inspire and assist people from all over the world who want, or already have a pool. From construction to ongoing maintenance we are geared to give you the very best advice.

Visit poolsprofessor.com

Penny Swift’s Own Personal Website – a Labour of Love

PJA WebAs a vastly experienced, newspaper-trained journalist, this is Penny’s blog where you will find all sorts of interesting posts on a wide variety of subjects. She registered the URL several years ago, after another Penny Swift – no relation and a Penny who married a Swift (i.e. not an original Swift) – decided to abandon the URL penny swift.com.

This website is not about Penny, but is rather a melting pot of “stuff” she finds interesting and likes to share. You’ll find articles about writing, about earning money, and articles about food and wine, amongst other things. You will also find a lot of links to work she has done for clients: a kind of ongoing portfolio.

Visit pennyswift.com

Book Sites by PJA Web

In-House How-to Books to Help You Do It Yourself

PJA webThis is a site that we have set up to sell our growing collection of self published eBooks. From time to time we accept books written by other people, providing they fit the “how-to” niche.

If you have a book you would like us to help you promote, please contact us.

Visit howtobooks.co.za

A Great Resource for Books of all Kinds That Show You How To Do Just About Anything

PJA webWant to know how to do stuff? If so, then this is the site for you where you will find a how-to book on any subject you can think of.

Visit books-howto.com

Shopping Sites by PJA Web

Home and Office Products for You

More and more people are opting to work from home and this site offers you the tools and equipment to make the home workspace more comfortable and productive.

Visit homeandofficeproducts.com

You Will Find All Things Solar at the International Solar Shop

Solar is the way of the future and this is where you will find the latest and the best solar items for everyday use.

Visit the-solar-shop.com

This Web Site is for Your Furry, Feathered and Other Special Friends

Our websitesWhether you have a horse, a mouse or a reptile this site has everything that any pet owner will need to care for and feed your beloved pet.

Visit petsupplyliquidators.com

Fashion Jewelry Items and Some Fabulous Bling

pja webFashion jewelry changes from season to season and year to year so keep up to date with our huge selection of up-to-date quality jewelry. And some bling as well.

Visit jewelryfashionlife.com

Spiritual Gemstone Jewelry is a Gem of an Online Store

PJA webGemstones have always had a mystical meaning for man since the beginning of time. In this online shopping site you will find the most meaningful gemstones set in a vast array of settings to please your heart – and those of your loved ones.

Visit spiritualgemstonejewelry.com

Sit Tight And Find the Best Office Chairs for Your Work Environment

An office is not an office without a chair to comfortably sit on and do your work. From top executive chairs to stylish utility stack chairs this easy to navigate site will help you find exactly what you need.

Visit best-office-chairs.com


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